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Lunor_eyewear_logo Lunor was founded in 1991 in Stuttgart and is a creation of the passionate eyeglass aficionado Gernot Lindner. As a collector of antique spectacle frames, cases and visual devices, Gernot Lindner was able to establish a fascinating collection. His most important exhibits come from a period between 1650 and 1950. Out of admiration for the skills of the glassmakers from past centuries, the idea came about to combine traditional with modern design. Alongside the vintage design, the production of Lunor sets itself apart through the very high amount of hand craftsmanship. One unique feature of the first Lunor collection was golden spectacles. In this way, the precious metal became the determining factor in the search for a brand name: in French, golden spectacles are called “Lunette d’Or”. The Lunor brand name was derived from this phrase. Lunor as a brand is now trademark-protected in Europe and many other countries of the world.

** Please Note the pictures below are only a sample of the collection.  
Lunor Classic Rund Steve Jobs 2
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Header S1 Einzeln
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S2 Header
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Combi Combi
Combi Combi Ii
Combi Imperial
Combi Prestige Ii A
Metall Advantage
Metall Lunor I
Metall Lunor Ii
Metall Lunor V
Metall Lunor V A
Metall Swing A
Metall Titan
Randlos Classic
Randlos Classic Comfort
Randlos Classic V
Randlos Classic Vi
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Sonnenbrillen Aviator Ii
Etuis Stecketui
Etuis Lederetui
Etuis Klappetui

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