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If you wear Patty Paillette, you are a one of a kind.  Your occupation most likely reflects an artistic bent but also you are insightful with people. Your friends define you as the “eclectic” one and you are always at the top of their guest list for the next party.  You are a complex individual that does not follow the mainstream even if it means distancing yourself from the crowd.  You know you and that is what counts.  All in all, there is so much more to you than meets the eye. With love and passion, Patty Paillette creates a beautiful product made in Italy all hand made by artisan people.  The creativity and energy that is a Patty Paillette frame becomes a bright and magical piece of eyewear that will generate a plethora of complements from friends and strangers. patty frame patty paillette

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PHONE NUMBER: (913) 313-1207
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